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Solo Thoughts News and Notes

3rd Quarter 2017 Q&A

A New E-commerce Experience at Watchfire Music! By the next quarter’s release, we hope that we will have launched our new website for Watchfire Music. We are just finishing the development stage, and we’ll be unveiling a new state-of-the-art e-commerce site consistent with today's technological standards.

Some things will look different, but we believe that your new browsing, searching and purchasing experience will be intuitive and easy to navigate. We’ll also be there to help you feel comfortable on the new site.

Just a little heads up of what is on the near horizon. We’ll keep you posted!

Update: Listening to Audio Samples on your Computer and/or Your Mobile Device:
Q: Why can’t I hear the audio samples on my computer or mobile device?

A: The reason you cannot hear samples could stem from one or more of several reasons: If you are trying to listen from a mobile device, unfortunately, our site is not yet fully mobile compatible. We are working on it! So for the time being, please make sure you are at a laptop or desktop computer when listening.

Also, please check your volume levels on your computer and/or the speakers attached to your computer.

If these do not seem to be the problem, it's possible that your computer has been updated to a new operating system. You may need to update your internet browser, as a result. If you update your browser, you may also notice a small message on your browser screen saying that your Flash is out of date. Just reinstall Flash and your audio samples should work for you.

Also, we have found a further set of instructions given by Adobe Flash Player. Click on this article, and you will be able to go into your browser's preferences as per these instructions:

In summary, check your volume, make sure it is not on mute; update your browser and possibly update Flash.

Solo Thoughts Song Titles
Q: Why do we sometimes see song titles posted more than once in a quarter, and conversely, why are certain titles left out that would clearly go with the Bible Lesson?

A: This is a great question. The answer is that the Solo Thoughts editors work to bring you a creative and informed set of titles each quarter. Sometimes, the editors will repeat a title used from the last quarter, or again in the same issue, because that title seems to highlight more than one Bible Lesson in an important way.

Conversely, in order to highlight new music and new composers whenever possible, the editors may sacrifice listing titles that were recently used in a previous or current quarter of Solo Thoughts. On the whole, WFM and the Solo Thoughts editors feel that it is very important to bring new musical ideas for Bible Lessons and to introduce new titles wherever appropriate and possible.

Tip: Hang on to your Solo Thoughts from previous quarters in a given year and perhaps make notes on solos that you think would work well for future Bible Lessons.

Listing Choral Music Titles
Q: Why does Solo Thoughts often include choral music titles when Solo Thoughts is geared to the solo singer in church services?

A: We’ve found through experience that choral music titles can broaden and refresh a church soloist’s repertoire. The many choral titles that we list are very well suited to being performed by a soloist.

In most cases, the soloist usually needs to do some extra work to map out the melody, though it may move between staves at different points in the choral score. Through some planning with the accompanist, these choral songs-turned-solos can bring new life and music into the church service. To cite a couple of examples, Joseph Martin’s “Song of Unity” and his “Song of the Spirit” work beautifully as solo songs for the church service.

Update on posting Solo Thoughts
Q: How far in advance does Watchfire Music post each new issue of Solo Thoughts?

A: Historically, we have posted each new quarterly issue of Solo Thoughts exactly 6 weeks in advance of the new quarter. About a year and a half ago, we extended the post deadline to fall somewhere in the 5 to 6 week range in advance of the new quarter.

Due to what appears to be a later schedule of the release of the quarterly Bible Lesson Citations from the CSPS, we are now further shifting our posting deadline to fall within the range of 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the new quarter. We appreciate your patience, loyalty, and interest in this useful and helpful resource for musicians in Christian Science churches.

Audio Samples and Your Mobile Device
Q: Why can’t I listen to audio samples on my mobile device?

A: The answer is that our very large site is currently in process of becoming completely mobile compatible. We are working on it. It is definitely at the top of our list!

The WFM site is now over 3000 pages selling over 12,000 individual products. Shifting the site over to effective mobile compatibility turns out to be no easy snap of the fingers. Our team is working on this as we write. Thank you for your patience. We'll keep you posted.

Q: How do I find Solo Thoughts on the new website?
A: Good news! It can be found on the top Nav Bar! Just look for the “Resource” drop-down menu on the top Nav Bar of Click “Resources” and then click on “Solo Thoughts CS.”

Q: I ordered sheet music from Watchfire Music but lost the download link. How can I get my music?
A: Whenever you order sheet music from WFM, you receive an automated Order Confirmation Email directly from our website. In that email is a Download Link.

Just scroll down in your email to the Download Information area and click on the link provided. Once you click on it, your browser will open up your Purchase page where you can download the digital sheet music that you ordered, along with any other digital files you may have purchased such as mp3s.

Q: What is a [Solo Treasure] and where do I get the music?
A: A [Solo Treasure] is an out-of-print song that is no longer available for purchase.

As a courtesy to you, we include out-of-print titles that you may already have in your church music library, and we match them to upcoming Bible Lessons. When you see the label [Solo Treasure] listed after a title, this indicates that the song is no longer in print circulation. Therefore, no link is provided to purchase the song.


ISOTW: Inspirational Song of the Week
Get your Inspirational Song of the Week! This is a weekly series from Watchfire Music. It highlights song recordings from the WFM catalogue and is available to listen to throughout the week.

Just click here any time to listen.

To receive your Inspirational Song of the Week, delivered each week via email, please click on this link to sign up:

Solo Thoughts Community on Facebook
Watchfire Music has created a Facebook Group for Solo Thoughts subscribers and anyone interested in music in church. The group is going full steam with lots of new members.

We look forward to seeing YOU on Facebook and becoming a part of the Solo Thoughts Community. There, you will be able to post, comment, ask questions, and share your stories of progress and success in your work with music in your churches.

Please visit the Solo Thoughts Community on Facebook and join!



Would you like to learn more about
Solo Thoughts? Read on!

If you’re a church soloist, musician, or are on the music committee for your church, you might be wondering: Where can I find just the right solos that will harmonize with the weekly Bible Lesson? Where can my church purchase sheet music?

Watchfire Music has the perfect solution, our monthly and quarterly publication entitled Solo Thoughts.

So what exactly IS Solo Thoughts? Created by Watchfire Music’s team of editors, it’s a downloadable resource tool in PDF format that is essentially a comprehensive list of ideas for solos, preludes, offertories, and postludes for your church. With just one click of the mouse, Solo Thoughts will appear on your computer for you to print out, if you choose. To get an idea of what Solo Thoughts looks like, just click on one of the View Sample buttons located to the right of each Solo Thoughts issue listed on this page.

Not only does the list include suggestions for solos for your church, it provides descriptions and links where you can purchase the sheet music. You also receive Solo Treasures suggestions which are classic and out-of- print solos that may already be in your church music library. Solo Treasures is merged into the Solo Thoughts PDF: each out-of-print title is labeled in red as a [Solo Treasure] .

Finally, we provide a special section called Solo Thoughts Instrumentals for your church organist or keyboard/pianist.

Solo Thoughts includes music from many periods and in many styles— from classical and traditional to pop and contemporary—for all singers and musicians, from newcomers to seasoned pros!

For more information on how to download, click here.

We also invite you to join the Solo Thoughts Community group on Facebook. Meet other soloists, musicians and music committees from around the world and join the discussion! Click here to become a member.



Louise Maynard, is a career church musician and soloist. Encouraged by the members of her church in California in 1965, she began to build her own personal solo library. Eventually she created a concordance to find solos to go with the Bible Lesson-Sermons. She began to share her library with other churches, and this was the beginning of Solo Thoughts.

Our thanks also go out to WFM composer Susan Lindquist, who was a main contributing editor of Solo Thoughts for over 20 years. Susan is also a singer/musician as well as a music researcher with a vast knowledge of sacred repertoire for the solo voice.

A number of years ago, Julia Wade took over the management and development of Solo Thoughts, contributing her rich experience from her 7 years as Soloist of The Mother Church in Boston. Solo Thoughts is now exclusively an instant digital download, and we continue to add new features to it.

Solo Thoughts Editors include a round-robin of musical editors, contributors, and composers who all work to give you a varied and rich collection of music for your weekly church services.

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