“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Brooks Adams

I’ve always loved to teach. I’m deeply indebted to the great teachers in my own life – most of which were tough, sometimes scary and yet ultimately loving deep wells of vital information. They passed that food of life on to me in a variety of ways and, thinking back on them, I realize now that each of them had that same central quality – they too loved to teach.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

And so, we here at Watchfire Music recognize this necessity to communicate knowledge and have decided to create within the company a center for inspiration and data transference – the Watchfire Music Learning Lab, a school for students of all ages, where specialized professional music classes of a most interesting variety will be taught.

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” – Mark van Doren


The WFM Learning Lab
is open to Beginners, Intermediates and also has a series of Master classes all taught by top professionals.
(See: Teacher Bios)

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

And so we will offer the following classes for Beginners and Intermediates:

Songwriting 101 & 201
Learn to write a hit song, a story song, songs for the theater, sacred songs, rap songs, and songs in any genre. Direction in title search, conceptualization, various song forms, chord progressions, melody expression, lyric writing. Taught by award-winning, platinum-selling songwriter.
Lyrics 101 & 201
Learn proper rhyming, scanning, song form, conceptualization, title search, color words, story telling, all the skills of the masters. Learn why “a poem doth not a lyric make”. Taught by Pop and Broadway award-winning lyricist.
Logic Studio Pro 9.1.2
This is the world’s #1 software program for computer based music recording. Learn how to use this virtual recording studio to create your own masters at home. Taught by Logic user and teacher with 15 years experience.
Midi Rhythm Section Arranging 101 & 201
This is often the most difficult skill to master for music arrangers and orchestrators. Learn the 5 parts of the sonic spectrum, how to make your rhythm section cook, how to set up a proper drum and bass groove, how to arrange and program guitar and keyboards into effective, yet simple grooves, how to make your band tight. Taught by pro arrangers from all genres.
Vocal Performance 101 & 201
Not just ‘how to sing’, but rather, ‘how to act the song’ – Meisner Technique. Just having a pretty voice is just not enough. What separates the stars from the wannabes is the ability to get inside a lyric and act the song. Find the performer within you. Taught by stage director, vocal coach and record producer with 30 years experience.
Music Recording Production 101 & 201
Essentially, ‘how to produce your own music in your own home studio’ – a skill more necessary than ever in this evolving world of home studio recordings. Taught by a producer/engineer with over 50 albums to his credit.
Acoustic Guitar 101 & 201
Still the preferred method of learning to play both acoustic and electric guitar. Learn new chord progressions, to read a chord chart, various finger picking techniques, flat pick strumming, finger and hand agility. Taught by studio guitarist with 30 years experience playing and teaching.
Studio Background singing 101 & 201
Learn number system of instant sight-reading, ear training, the art of blending, pitch and vibrato control -- professional techniques that make this such a specialized skill. Taught by one of New York’s top studio singers and vocal arrangers.
The Art Of The Audition 101 (only)
Having trouble nailing those jobs down? Learn the art of auditioning from a seasoned teacher who has taught the auditioning classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater for the past 25 years. The trick is not necessarily in how you sing or act, but how you manage the entire auditioning experience. Learn specifically why.

“He that imagines he has knowledge enough has none.” – Unknown

The WFM Learning Lab will also offer Master Classes in the following subjects: (See: Descriptions above for classes)

Lyrics – The Art
Logic Studio Pro 9 and 10
Midi Orchestration
Act Development
Music Production

Most of these classes will be private classes – one on one with the teacher, but a few may evolve into group study though kept small and personal.

Pricing will be kept affordable. Private classes (one on one) will be held between $75 and $100 per class class.

Most classes can be scheduled to fit your busy schedule. Once scheduled, regularity is required.

Come to The WFM Learning Lab or let it come to you through Skype and Zoom!

To obtain more information or enroll call 908 608- 3189 or email Peter Link .

“A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.” – Thomas Carruthers



To obtain more information or enroll call 908 608-3189 or email Peter Link .


Peter Link (composer/record producer) won the NY Drama Desk Award for his musical, Salvation, out of which came his first Gold Record, If You Let Me Make Love To You, Then Why Can't I Touch You? which sold over two million records. He is a two-time Tony Award Nominee for his musical scores of Joseph Papp's Much Ado About Nothing and Neil Simon's The Good Doctor. His Broadway credits include Ulysses In Nighttown (Zero Mostel), Lysistrata (Melina Mercouri), The Mighty Gents (Morgan Freeman), Trelawney Of The Wells at Lincoln Center (Meryl Streep, Michael Tucker, Mandy Patinkin, John Lithgow) and King Of Hearts.

He composed, produced and directed The Jenny Burton Experience. The group swept all the major NYC cabaret awards for Best Vocal Group during their more than 7-year run in NYC including the Backstage Bistro Award, The Critics Choice Award and The MAC Award and Entertainers Of The Year.

He wrote and produced Julia Wade’s CDs, Upon The Mountain, Story For The Ages, Alabado sea Dios, Every Day, Affirmations, Solos and most recently, Silk Road.

He has also produced many other CDs. Among them are Mindy Jostyn, Coming Home, a solo CD for Steve Blanchard, star of Beauty And The Beast on Broadway, Shepherd for guitarist Bobby Stanton, a new CD of children’s songs, entitled For Kids Only and solo CDs for Jenny Burton, entitled, I Think On These Things and Reaching Out From The Inside, Osceola Davis’ CD, Climbing High Mountains and his own CDs, Ode To Joy and his recently released Goin’ Home. He is CEO and Creative Director of Watchfire Music.

For complete info on Peter Link:


“Thank you so much for everything. I am reeeeeally starting to recognize how MUCH I've learned since I started working with you. I feel so smart.” – Megan

“I have learned a tremendous amount from Peter about signal flow, composition and recording software, set-up and maintenance of this equipment -- basically how this all works together. And with this knowledge, along with his support over the phone, I was able to hook everything up all by myself!” – Rebecca

“If you want to tear a topic apart and put it back together again, Peter Link is your go-to person. Trust me, I've sought his advice on practically every subject the Learning Lab is offering and never went away disappointed.” -- Carol

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